The purpose of human life is to become a conscious, joyous being. This was a teaching of Pythagoras, Socrates, Buddha, Laozi, Rumi, Kabir and many others, who gave us a method with which we can achieve this state of consciousness. It is explained in the books Blooming of Consciousness and The Secret Knowledge of Rumi and Kabir.

When Man is awakened and recognises his true nature, which is pure consciousness, only then he is redeemed from pain and attains freedom. There exists a power that lies beyond visible phenomena, our thoughts and feelings, a force that sustains all living beings and permeates the whole of existence – the power of consciousness. Only a conscious person is a happy and liberated being.

The Secret Knowledge in Rumi’s Poetry

Literary Evening in Trubar House of Literature, Ljubljana
October, 2017
Slovene and Persian language 
Watch the video HERE.
Rumi’s profound spiritual message and poetry, which was presented by Viktorija Kos, Sepehr Koushki read the verses in Persian, and Mahmud Al Khatib accompanied them with flute and oud, created mystical atmosphere in which all enjoyed. 
Rumi reminds us that there is only one thing which we should not forget. If we forget everything else but not this one thing, we don’t need to worry. However, if we do and take care of everything else but forget this one thing, we haven’t done anything. And this one thing is: To awaken Love inside us and return to our Origin.