Book Blooming of Consciousness

Author: Viktorija Kos
Paperback: 260 pages
Language: English
Product Dimension: 145 x 222 mm

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How to discover the Secret of Life? Man strives to realise his higher Self and all that surrounds him. As he approaches the reality by means of the senses and intellect, he is constantly confronted by limitations and just spins his wheels. Philosophical and mystical writings tell us that we have immersed into unconscious, knowing not who we are. Our consciousness is submerged in deep slumber, therefore we cannot find our way out of this darkness of ignorance and cannot live as liberated beings. Why is this so? 

Man is in the process of awakening. All that we do, create and research is an expression of the eagerness to acquire more awareness.

This book explores the awakening of human consciousness. It contains quotes from wise men, such as Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Buddha, Laozi, Socrates, Jalaluddin Rumi, Kabir, etc. and artists, philosophers and quantum physicists, as well as many wonderful stories from the spiritual traditions, which clearly convey the profound message of the book. 

The content of this book is not only informative, but mainly self-reflective. It touches upon our everyday life. As a wise saying goes: “An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.” This was also the principle I followed when writing; drawing from my own experience and citing wise men whose knowledge springs from their own realisations and experiences.

Conversations on the Awakening of Man are written in the form of a dialogue, which livens up the text and addresses the reader directly.

Wise men remind us that the true aim of life is to discover the eternal spiritual essence of Man – the consciousness. It is not until the true nature of our being, consciousness, is revealed, which is absolute freedom and joy, that we can start enjoying life.

Who longs to discover true knowledge, to break the shackles of his mind and become liberated will find in this book a method that has been applied by wise men and the seekers of truth in order to behold the eternal Mysteries. Intoxicated by Love, the sincere seekers are led to a place where there is no sorrow and pain, but pure joy, where everything is permeated with Love.

Wise men, who recognised the essence of their being and all that exists, address us with powerful, inspiring words and invite us to join them.