The infinite Sea of Consciousness

More and more people are aware of the state we’re in. Man is becoming a kind of robot – feelings don’t matter, what is important is that his reason is working impeccably. Some individuals choose various ways of getting out of this rather horrifying situation.
What kind of future will we choose? “Man is condemned to be free,” says Jean-Paul Sartre, which means that he bears the consequences and responsibility for his decisions, his deeds. During the most decisive moments in the occurring cosmic drama, one has to choose, and the one, who doesn’t, by doing so, also chooses. We have to decide whether we’ll continue living in our small worlds, like a frog in a well, or will we take flight like a swan across the infinite sea of Consciousness.
The following story is about a beautiful white swan that landed on a shore to rest while on its journey across the sea. As it landed near a well, out jumped a frog and asked:
“Who are you?”
“I’m a swan and I’m travelling across the sea.” The frog was bewildered, for it had never heard of the sea. It wanted to know how big it was.
“The sea is infinite,” said the swan. The frog then leaped and asked:
“It’s that big?” The swan replied that it’s much larger. This time, the frog leaped several times, and asked if the distance it leaped could be compared to the size of the sea. The swan shook its head. The disappointed frog began to leap frantically, until it made a full circle around the well, and cried:
“Can the sea really be that vast?” The swan persisted:
“It’s much, much larger than that.” The frog called him a cheat and a liar, for it could not believe that the sea was bigger than the world he knew.
We see the world from the worm’s eye view. We live in a small world full of our own convictions, perceptions and habits that make us feel safe. If anyone was to shake our beliefs, we’d quickly be up in arms defending ourselves by listing our reasons why. We guard our well most carefully. But if we want to be happier and experience inner freedom, we should direct our attention inward.