Book Blooming of Consciousness – 
An Inner Journey to Self-realisation


‘The book Blooming of Consciousness is an inspiring, clear expression of the link between humanity and the divine, and how this eternal connection can be accessed and realized.’ 

– Larry Dossey, MD, best-selling author

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Paperback: 260 pages
Language: English
Translated by Tom Smith
Proofread by Margaret Davis
Product Dimension: 145 x 222 mm
ISBN: 978-961-94901-1-2

The book Blooming of Consciousness by Viktorija Kos explores the awakening of human consciousness. Man strives to realise his higher Self and all that surrounds him. As he approaches reality by means of the senses and intellect, he is constantly confronted by limi­tations and just spins his wheels. Mystical writings tell us that we have immersed into unconsciousness, not knowing who we are. Our consciousness is submerged in deep slumber, the­refore we don’t have true knowledge and cannot live as liberated beings. Why is this so?
This book helps us to find answer to this and other questions. It con­tains quotes from wise men, such as Rumi, Pythagoras, Zarathustra, Buddha, Laozi, Socrates, Kabir, etc. and artists, philosophers and scientists, as well as many wonderful stories from the spiritual traditions.

The book Blooming of Consciousness is a feast of ideas and keen insights. In a world of hyperspeed information processing I recommend you pace your reading of it so that you can savor its rich and deep exploration of the theme of the awakening of consciousness. And even more importantly this book will divulge more of its treasure if you read it from a place of heart-centered awareness.

James O’Dea, Former President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, award winning author, activist and teacher.


The book Blooming of Consciousness is an inspiring, clear expression of the link between humanity and the divine, and how this eternal connection can be accessed and realized. Viktorija Kos’ vision rests in the great wisdom traditions that have consistently surfaced throughout history. I hope this book enjoys global readership, because our future on our fragile planet depends on whether we heed the vital messages in this important volume.

Larry Dossey, MD
Author: One Mind:  How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters. 

The author of this inspiring book, Blooming of Consciousness, gives us a map of the journey to God-consciousness. The parables and narrations unveil our mystical dimension which gives meaning to our life and, as we journey forward through the book, we become conscious of relating to our self, to others and to our Source with love and compassion.

— Laleh Bakhtiar, Ph.D. 
Author of many titles including Sufi Enneagram: Secrets of the Symbol Unveiled, Moses and Khidr: Consciousness Between the Two Seas of Reason and Intuition and Quranic Psychology of the Self: A Textbook on Islamic Moral Psychology.

The book Blooming of Consciousness by Viktorija Kos is a wonderful spiritual reminder for all of us in this time of moral and spiritual crisis. I like this book and you will too. It will inspire you.

— Amit Goswami, Ph.D. 
Quantum physicist, author of QUANTUM SPIRITUALITY. 


“You have power over your mind, not outside events.”
– Marcus Aurelius


“Self or consciousness is hidden in the heart of all living creatures.”
– Katha Upanishad


“Loiter not in the market place from shop to shop, as idlers do.
Take hold of the garment, o brave Soul, of one who knows well
The various planes: physical, mental, supramental and beyond;
And is able to remain with thee like a true friend,
Whether in life or in death, in this world or in the next.”
– Jalaluddin Rumi


“The Soul is uplifted and one gets the wealth of true happiness;
It becomes possible to cross the sea of the fearful waves of the world;
The nectar washes away all worries and stills the mind;
When the Sound comes into contact with the Soul,
The Soul loses itself in joy.”
– Bhai Gurdas

Man is in the process of awakening. All that we do, create and research is an expression of the eagerness to acquire more awareness. 

The content of this book is not only informative, but mainly self-reflective. It touches upon our everyday life. As a wise saying goes: “An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.” This was also the principle I followed when writing; drawing from my own experience and citing wise men whose knowledge springs from their own realisations and experiences. Thee book is written in the form of a dialogue, which livens up the text and addresses the reader directly. 

Wise men remind us that the true aim of life is to discover the eternal spiritual essence of Man – the consciousness. It is not until the true nature of our being, consciousness, is revealed, which is absolute freedom and joy, that we can start enjoying life.
The higher Self or consciousness, resides in all of us. It is unchanging, despite the ever-changing circumstances. We should never mistaken it for the mind, emotions or intellect. Through the changing cycles and eras, it is the consciousness that never rises, not does it set. The consciousness observes the entire drama of life. We believe that there is something that transcends joy and sadness, pleasure and pain, good and bad, earthly life and death – and that is consciousness. Wise men, who recognised the essence of their being, consciousness, and all that exists, address us with powerful, inspiring words and invite us to join them.

Ancient wisdom explains that inner Sound or Music is the first manifestation of the Supreme Consciousness. It created the entire cosmos. The Greeks called the inner Sound Logos, Pythagoras named it Music of the Spheres, Vedas and Upanishads called it Nada, Shabda, Udgita, the Chinese named it Tao, etc. When we come in to contact with Divine Music and meditate on it, we become more and more conscious and joyous. 

The inner Sound has a cleansing power which purifies the mind and awakens true love within us. Only then we can truly enjoy life. 

Good Thought

“My Soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there.” / J. Rumi

From the book: Blooming of Consciousness