Book The Secret Knowledge of Rumi and Kabir

Author: Viktorija Kos
Hardcover: 336 pages
Language: Slovene
Product Dimension: 145 x 235 mm
Foreword: Professor Dr Andrej Ule
Review: Professor Dr Raid Al Daghistani


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Jalaluddin Rumi was a great scholar and teacher. When he was at the peak of his fame, he met Shams Tabriz, who became his spiritual master. Rumi gave up teaching and dedicated his life to spiritual practice. He tells us that Man is blinded with his senses and desires and encourages us to attain true knowledge and inner sight, so that we can experience real joy.

Kabir is one of the most revered Indian mystics. His words are simple, he speaks directly and is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. He explains in detail how this creation came into being and how the soul, the nature of which is love and freedom, yearns to return to its origin. He helps us to better understand ourselves, a state in which we have found ourselves, and gives us guidelines how we should act to live as awakened beings.

Kabir talks about the Ocean of Love – about the spiritual world, the world of consciousness, which is our true origin and about the ocean of this world – the physical universe. We as souls are caught up in the material world and are longing to return to our true home. He explains that the first thing that came into being was Shabda or Sound and It created the spiritual worlds. The souls, which lived there, were enjoying the state of bliss. Their food was nectar. These souls, the beauty of which is indescribable, were enjoying life. One of the created beings, Kal, together with Shakti, who has the power to create, created the material worlds. Kal oversees the material planes that exist separately from the spiritual world. Eight million four thousand lifeforms were created, among them are beings of nature, human and celestial beings. The souls which found themselves in the physical world have to be reborn time and again because of the consequences of their actions.
Kal controls the souls through the mind. Man is in an unpleasant and painful state. His mind dances at Kal’s command. Kal entices Man with greed and lust. Therefore, Man wants to possess things, he is attached to them and gets angry if his desires are not fulfilled. Only a wise man can open our eyes and helps us understand the state we are in and how we can rescue ourselves from the snares of the mind.

Kabir tells us what is the mind, what is its nature, how to master our senses and bad inclinations. He teaches us what are the traps of the mind and how we can avoid them. We shouldn’t yield to dark thoughts and should understand that indulgence in sensual pleasures leads to grief and disappointment. Man is prey to the ego. Kabir says we should develop good character which is the most precious treasure. We should be loving towards others and help them. He explains that only when love is awakened in us, we break free from the attachments to sensual pleasures. 

When we start our inner journey, we can attain true knowledge and become liberated beings. When we meditate on Shabda, inner Sound, our mind is getting cleansed of all impressions, and our soul soars to the higher planes. Inner Music is very powerful and intoxicating and leads our soul to the spiritual world. Our soul shines with a boundless Light. We can see it when our inner eye is open. We can enjoy in Divine Light and in all wonderful things on the spiritual plane. When one experiences love and joy, he yearns to become one with the Beloved who is the source of all Love. The more he is intoxicated by love, the more he longs for it.

Rumi explains that we are servants of our ego. Our thoughts are very powerful, they are as a foolish donkey, therefore it is important to control them. He talks about three kinds of knowledge: insufficient knowledge of foolish people who are led by lust; rational or theoretical knowledge of scholars and educated people, whose thinking and actions are led by their desires; and about true, mystical knowledge, which can be attained by seekers of truth. A spiritual Master is a perfect manifestation of this true knowledge. He tells us that this world is not real but an illusion. The real world is the spiritual world, which we can see when we receive the inner sight. Then we can clearly behold whatever is in subtle and spiritual planes. It is important to clean our mind of anger, hatred, attachments, greed, lust and desires. This is possible with meditation. When we become clean, we shine in our original beauty.

Rumi reminds us that the first thing we should learn is to become humane. Our speech should be loving and sweet. Pain helps us to develop, to be free of conceit and attain good characteristics, like sincerity, kindness, humility, truthfulness, patience, respect, care for others and have a generous heart.
When one feels joy in his heart, it means that he made someone happy and when one is sad, the reason is that he caused pain to the other. All the difficulties and suffering we go through are due to our wrongdoings. Although we don’t remember what we did in the past, we can find out from the consequences we are subject to.
When we yearn to know our true nature, we can hear sweet Music from above. This inner Music enchant us and we find ourselves in a state of ecstasy. We have inner sight or eye with which we can see Divine Light, which is much stronger and more beautiful than the light of many suns and moons. Rumi talks about two kinds of love, true love, which is the love of the soul and sensual love. When one meets his Beloved, his pain is removed. He enjoys the ecstasy of love. He loves everybody, all beings, the whole of creation.